Transforming wood into one-of-a-kind creations to last a lifetime.

Helmwood is the playground for seasoned consumers who are artists at heart and value fine work, especially wood craftsmanship. We meet you where you are. At Helmwood, we enable people to enjoy creating with natural materials. Every time.

A friendly "Hello" from our team!

At Helmwood, we consider ourselves lucky to have such an exceptional team. Our team is made up of highly skilled craftsmen and hardworking professionals who share this unique passion.

Our Promise and Values


We know our subject matter inside and out. We meet our customers where they are to answer any questions about our craft in order to deliver a quality product in the end.


Our doors are always open. We take the time to listen and understand our customers’ goals, so that we know what to expect when we partner with the communities we serve.


We focus on relationships and establishing clear expectations. We approach anyone who walks through our door as we would family or a friend, with kindness and authenticity.

Our Difference

Did you know that more than 60% of all household furniture is made of wood? And most of it is imported. We want to give the good pieces of wood around you a second life. Whether that's a tree that has fallen in vour vard and ultimatelv becomes a beautiful dining table or wooden boards, we give your furniture a second life.

Thanks to our local suppliers (you included), we can maintain control over the various stages of the production chain. And, thanks to this approach, we are able to share details about the wood sources and our final products in complete transparency.

The world is full of wood resources to repurpose + reimagine. Let's create together.

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