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Looking to create something   custom?

Let's design your one-of-a kind piece, together.

Every design process is unique. We work with projects like this on a daily basis and are here to help. Including our Tree To Table service.


We start with a conversation — in person or remotely — to understand your ideas, priorities, and considerations for your project. We will have plenty of questions, and we hope you do too. We work with customers like you every day and will guide you through the design process when using our lumber or creating a Tree to Table project. The initial consult is 100% commitment free, so let’s talk.


Now that we have a general direction, our team will get into design specifics, materials, and processes in detail and will work on a quote. After the initial deposit, we will start developing a computer model of your furniture. The model allows us to see whether the design is what you envisioned. Any requests to tweak the design are always welcomed. Your vision is our guide — it is our job to bring it to life.


Quality takes time. Once you place your order, our talented team will get to work. We will keep you informed throughout the process until the final step: delivery. Keep in mind that the natural material we are using will keep evolving and will look different at each stage. As questions come up, our team is always here to ask or answer them — it works both ways.


Finally, your work of art is complete. We will schedule a time that works for you, and our team will personally bring your finished product to your doorstep.

We take pride in our work, and it shows.

At our core, we are a team of problem solvers who take in the uniqueness of every log and slab to achieve the desired outcome.

We embrace the differences and use them to our advantage, crafting pieces that can be passed down for generations.

Why wait? Let’s transform your idea into a treasured piece.

Handcrafted furniture that will last a lifetime.

Our skilled craftsmen use responsibly sourced hardwood to create quality furniture to stand the test of time. Select from our signature Helmwood designs or create your own.

Helmwood pieces are made...

craftsmen who enjoy the diligent process
wood materials from your yard or ours
To be
and passed down by generations

Have a question?

We offer our Helmwood signature design pieces that been time tested. Each will be made-to-order and ready to be delivered within 3-4 weeks from the purchase date. If you like one of our signature designs but need it modified we’re more than happy to make those changes for you.

If you want something specific, then custom design is the way to go. You can select the style and size that works best for your personal taste and the space you have available. Every detail is customizable to fit you and your space, and we’ll help guide you through any decisions to make sure you get just what you’re looking for.

Custom furniture takes time to create. If you need something quickly, custom furniture probably isn’t the right fit. However, if you have the time, it’s worth the wait. Let's work together to create furniture that is perfect for your space.

The time it takes to make custom furniture varies depending on the complexity of the project and design phase.

On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks up to a year to complete a custom furniture project.

We do communicate lead time every step of the way. Our team will gladly update you with pictures — some shots of the process might be prettier than others. Afterall, it is a complex process. Trust us.

All of our pieces are made-to-order right here in Houston, Texas.

We have a range of signature design pieces that are popular, but we're also happy to collaborate with you to make something that fits your style and home perfectly.

Our main focus is on dining tables, office desks, and conference tables, but we've also made some pretty cool and unique things. Just ask. There was even a time we made a wooden spoiler – it's a true story!

The cost of custom furniture varies depending on the type of wood used, the complexity of the project, and the labor required. We do provide a detailed quote after the initial free consultation.

Once the deposit is made, we will get into the details, modeling your custom piece, and refining the design.

Our furniture is designed for durability and convenience. Keep your custom pieces clean by using a mild soap in warm water to wipe away dust.