Our Lumber

4/4 Hard Maple |  S2S

Surfaced on 2 Sides. Beautiful boards.

8/4 Hard Maple  |  S2S1E

Surfaced on 2 sides, 1 straight edge.

8/4 FAS Walnut  |  Rough Sawn

Mostly between 7' and 8'6" lengths.

8/4 FAS White Oak  |  Rough Sawn

Very clean FAS white oak boards.

8/4 FAS Rift White Oak  |  Rough Sawn

FAS rift sawn white oak.

4/4 Live Edge Walnut  | S2S

Live edge walnut, perfect for charcuterie!

Mixed Species Live Edge  | S2S

100s of small slabs for smaller projects.

Consistent terms for all pieces.
Rough Sawn: All faces have saw marks
S2S: The boards have been surfaced on 2 sides
S2S1E: Surfaced on 2 sides, and 1 straight edge
S4S: Surfaced on all 4 sides