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Let us be your trusted resource and partner. We can do any part of any project from start to finish. At Helmwood, we offer a wide range of services.

We offer Houstonians a full suite of sawmill services.

Helmwood is the destination for woodworking services. We can custom mill logs into lumber, slabs, cookies, mantels, and more.

Many of our customers don't have the ability to transport their log(s) to us so we offer log recovery for just you. We are particularly skilled at recovering logs from tricky locations, from dense lots in The Heights to remote properties outside of Conroe. Every recovery is different; we have extensive experience at moving logs (big or small) while caring for our customers’ property. Contact us to learn more about our log recovery services.

We operate two bandsaw mills to offer Houstonians a full suite of milling services. We custom mill our customers' logs into lumber, slabs, cookies, mantels, and beams. Our bandsaw mills can handle logs up to 54" in diameter and 20' long. Contact us to learn more about our sawmills, available milling services, and for an estimate to custom mill your logs.

We operate two state-of-the-art vacuum kilns and offer kiln-drying services to our customers for both hardwood and softwood drying. With a total of 8,000 board feet of lumber capacity, our kilns are capable of drying wood up to 16 1/2 feet long, 60 inches wide, and virtually any thickness. Contact us to learn more and receive an estimate for kiln drying your wood.

NOTE: We only offer our kiln services for lumber from logs which were milled by Helmwood. We do not dry lumber that has already been milled elsewhere.

Let us make it for you with our shop services.

Our woodshop services are available to you at any stage of your project — save time and keep the work moving. Talk to our wood experts about our machinery and services.

Our large-format surfacing machine saves time and money. We can handle large- and small-slab surfacing, glue-up surfacing, and epoxy-pour surfacing services. Our machine has a 5" cutting head and can handle material up to 18 feet long, 72 inches wide, and 8 inches thick. This machine can also give you a perfect glue line for your large, difficult to join pieces. Contact us for more information and an estimate to surface your material.

Wide-belt sanding is a woodworking process that utilizes a specialized machine equipped with a wide abrasive belt to smooth and finish large flat surfaces of wood, such as panels, doors, tabletops, and flooring. The machine consists of a conveyor belt that feeds the wood through the sanding area, where the abrasive belt rotates at high speed to sand the wood surface. Wide-belt sanding can be performed on raw or finished wood and can remove material quickly and uniformly, resulting in a smooth, even surface. This process is ideal for removing minor imperfections, flattening warped or uneven surfaces, and preparing wood for finishing applications. Wide-belt sanding can achieve a range of sanding grits, from coarse to fine, to achieve the desired level of smoothness and texture on the wood surface. This technique is commonly used in professional woodworking shops, furniture manufacturing, and flooring production.

Edge trimming is a woodworking process that involves removing excess material from the edges of a piece of wood to achieve a clean, even edge. This process is typically performed on boards or panels that have been cut to size using a saw or other cutting tool. The edges of the board or panel may be uneven or rough after cutting, and edge trimming is used to refine and shape them.

Panel glue-ups is a woodworking technique that involves joining individual wood boards to create a larger panel. This technique is commonly used in furniture making, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects where a large, flat panel is needed.

We do dimensioning lumber for S2S, S2S1E, and S4S. Dimensioning lumber is the process of preparing rough lumber for use in woodworking projects by cutting and shaping it to the desired size and dimensions. This process is important for creating precise and accurate cuts that fit together correctly, as well as ensuring a smooth, finished product.

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Why Helmwood?

from a variety of services from our trained experts.
your log (our ours) with custom milling.
your project with quality, care and precision.

Curious to know more?

We offer a range of services. If you have logs that you want turned into lumber, we offer log recovery and transport from your location to our mill, custom saw milling, and vacuum-kiln drying.

For customers with woodworking projects, we offer surfacing of slabs and table tops up to 72” wide, jointing and glue-ups, trimming to size, S2S S4S, and many other services to help keep your projects moving forward.

The short answer is: it depends on the log. A log’s length and diameter are the first thing you need to know. Species of tree and the log shape are also important.

You can turn a log into lumber, live-edge slabs, a mantle, flooring, beams – you name it. But first, you need to make sure the log(s) you have can produce what you’re hoping for, and we can help you determine what is realistic to expect from your log(s).

Located in the Greater Houston area, we are committed to preserving natural resources by recovering large logs that would otherwise be wasted or burned. Our team hauls these logs to our shop, where they are milled, kiln dried, and are then ready to become beautiful finished items… and we can help with that too.

Give us a call or come by to discuss your project and to learn more.

We work with a variety of hardwoods including North American hardwood staples like white oak, walnut, ash, and hard maple. We also produce wood from about 20 locally growing species including pecan, live oak, sycamore, post oak, and sweet gum.

Our skilled team operates all of our specialized equipment to ensure that your project is completed with precision and care.

We will talk with you beforehand to understand your expectations and specific needs. Once we have the details, all the work is done in-house.

Unfortunately, we don't offer kiln-drying services separately at the moment. We only provide kiln drying for customers whose lumber we've milled ourselves. We don't offer kiln-drying services for wood that's been milled elsewhere.

If you have logs that need to be milled and dried, we are happy to help with both!