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Custom Sawmilling
Houston Sawmill Service

We operate two bandsaw mills and an alaskan mill to offer Houstonians a full suite of milling services. We custom mill our customers' logs into lumber, slabs, cookies, mantels, and beams. Our bandsaw mills can handle logs up to 55" in diameter and 20' long. Contact us to learn more about our sawmills, available milling services, and an estimate for custom milling your logs.

Kiln Drying Services
Houston Kiln Drying Wood

We operate two state-of-the-art vacuum kilns and offer kiln drying services to our customers for both hardwood and softwood drying. With a total of 8,000 board feet of lumber capacity, our kilns are capable of drying wood up to 16 1/2 feet long, 60 inches wide, and virtually any thickness. Contact us to learn more and receive an  estimate for kiln drying your wood. 


Slab Surfacing

Our large format surfacing machine saves time and money. We can handle large and small slab surfacing, glue-up surfacing, and epoxy pour surfacing services. Our machine has a 5" cutting head and can handle material up to 18 feet long, 72 inches wide, and 8 inches thick. This machine can also give you a perfect glue line for your large, difficult to join pieces. Contact us for more information and an estimate to surface your material.

Log Recovery
Houston Log Removal

If you have a tree you think we might be interested in, call or email to give us some information and measurements. We may be able to recover the useable log(s) at no charge. We do not cut down trees, but we can recommend a tree service in your area.

We also offer log and material recovery and transportation to customers needing additional services, but who don't have the ability to transport their logs.

Lumber & Slab Sales

We offer a unique selection of locally sourced and produced hardwoods. We produce all of our lumber from trees that grew in and around Greater Houston. We track every piece and can let you know where it came from, when the tree came down, and why the tree came down. Our lumber is 

locally and sustainably sourced, produced, and enjoyed by customers who not only have a beautiful piece, but the story to go with it.

Custom Furniture
Houston Custom Furniture

If you have a log and want it turned into either lumber or furniture we can handle the whole process in-house. Our turnkey projects are projects that require log recovery, milling, and drying. From there you will have wood that is ready for you or your chosen furniture builder to use to create your custom furniture. 

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