Timber to treasure: turn your tree into a beautiful table.

Every log has a story to tell, and we are committed to helping continue those stories through handmade furniture.

Our talented team will guide you through each step so that you will know what to expect, from log recovery through project completion.

From consultation to kiln...

We use consultative approach. Taking the time to understand and inform means you are confident in your project, and that the results will meet your expectations.

We are particularly skilled at recovering logs from tricky locations, from dense lots in The Heights to remote properties in Conroe. Every recovery is different; we have extensive experience at moving logs (big or small) while caring for our customers’ property.

Each log has its distinctive shape, grain patterns, and other important-to-understand characteristics. We understand these considerations and will explain how we recommend to mill your log(s) and why. But, ultimately, you are in control and have the final say.

The final step in producing the wood from your log is drying. Proper drying is extremely important to ensure the quality of your furniture. We properly air dry milled wood before kiln drying, and operate high-quality, computer-controlled vacuum kilns. Drying can not be skipped and it can not be rushed.

…and design to delivery.

Our team will work with you through the design process to create something you will love. We start with a chat to understand your project goals, in person or remotely. Once we have a design direction, we will provide an initial quote. If our quote is reasonable to you and you approve the project, we create a computer model for you to review.

This is to ensure things are exactly as you envision, and requests for modifications are welcomed. Once approved, our talented team will get to work to bring your idea to life.

Finally, we deliver your furniture at a scheduled time and leave it in place, ready for you to enjoy. 

Together, we will transform your tree into something that you will cherish for years.