Quick Answers to Common Questions

Q: What species of wood do you offer?

A: We work almost exclusively with locally growing species, including:

 American Elm   |   Ash   |   Cedar   |   Cedar Elm   |   Chinese Tallow   |   Cypress
Hackberry   |   Hickory   |   Live Oak   |   Mesquite   |   Osage Orange   |   Pecan

Red Oak   |   Sweet Gum   |   Sycamore   |   Walnut (rarely)   |   White Oak

Our inventory fluctuates based on what material is available for recovery. Call us with any specific inventory questions.

Q: What logs will you recover?

A: We may remove millable logs from your property at no cost. They need to be one of the species listed above, at least 8 feet long, and at least 18 inches in width. Generally, longer and wider width logs are preferable. Logs cut into small segments are typically not useful for milling.

Q: Do you buy logs?

No. We collect and transport usable logs at no cost. We periodically pay for delivery or use of loading equipment already on site. We do not pay for logs.

Q: Do you cut down trees?

A: Typically no. We can fell trees in open spaces, but not when working in urban or suburban areas where trees are near buildings, roads, and utility lines. In these cases, we strongly recommend hiring a professional tree removal company. We frequently work with tree companies and can make recommendations.

Q: Do you offer milling services?

A: Yes, we do. We are capable of milling logs up to 36" in diameter and 18' long. In some cases, due to the tree's location, it's not possible to move a log intact. In these cases, we also operate portable chainsaw mills which can be carried into a backyard or between buildings where heavy machinery can't go. We mill the log on-site and haul out the milled lumber piece by piece. We can mill logs up to 54" in diameter and effectively any length.

Q: Is your lumber kiln dried?

A: Yes, we offer both green and kiln dried lumber. We operate computer-controlled dehumidification and vacuum kilns. We offer kiln services and can dry up to 4k board feet of hardwood per load, board lengths up to 18 feet long.

Still have questions? Give us a call: 281.849.8457

18002 Bamwood Road

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