Woodmizer LT40 Wide Sawmill

Our primary sawmill, the LT40 Wide is a workhorse. This mill has computerized controls and hydraulic log handling capabilities that allow for very efficient milling of logs up to 34 inches in diameter and 21 feet long. This sawmill is the mill of choice for the majority of the logs we mill. 


Woodmizer LX250 Sawmill

For larger logs, our LX250 is an oversized sawmill that specializes in milling live edge slabs and other unique pieces up to 54 inches in diameter and 18 feet long. Speed and yield make this mill superior to chain-based mills. The thin kerf of the bandsaw blade means we typically get at least one additional slab per large log, compared to the thick kerf of a chain based mill.We can also mill the same material in a fraction of the time compared to a chain based mill.

Alaskan Portable Sawmill

Sometimes there's no reasonable way to recover and transport a log in one piece. When a log as in a fenced area with limited access for larger equipment we can use our alaskan style mill to mill it on location and haul the individual sections out in manageable sections. This mill makes certain projects possible, but it is also slower and less efficient with material that our bandsaw mills. This sawmill is powered by a Stihl 880 powerhead with a 60 inch bar and can mill logs up to about 56 inches in diameter and 12 feet long.