Water-clear, low-viscosity epoxy designed for casting, embedding, and high-build coating applications. Make Things Better on your next project with this SUPER SAP® Formulation.


30% Biobased Content   |   USDA BioPreferred Certified

Entropy Clear Casting Epoxy Resin



  • When working at higher temperatures, make smaller pours to avoid excessive exotherm. Epoxy cures at lower temperatures.
  • Small castings will benefit from a post cure of 100° F (38°C) for 24 hours to assure full cure.
  • For best results, measure the two components by weight within 5% of the recommended mix ratio.
  • Always mix product for at least two minutes, scraping the container to ensure complete mixing.
  • Use products in a controlled environment. Avoid high humidity and cold temperatures.
  • Amine blush, a by-product of the curing process, appears as a wax-like film cured epoxy and is more noticeable in cool, moist conditions. It can clog sandpaper and inhibit subsequent bonding. Blush is water-soluble and easily removed with clean water (not solvent) and an abrasive pad.
  • For good adhesion, epoxy bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and sanded.
  • If unfamiliar with the product, create smaller test samples before starting a larger scale project.