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We recover trees that fall in storms, are removed due to safety concerns, or to make room for property development. Trees are an important local resource  while they are alive, and we are making sure their usefulness continues after they come down. Turning Houston's trees into quality lumber keeps them out of landfills and burn piles, and puts them into the hands of local furniture makers, fabricators, carpenters, and hobbyists. Typically, we do not charge for log removals. If you want a log removed to be milled and dried for you call or email us for more information and pricing.

Our Service Area



We operate two kilns. Our dehumidification kiln handles 4,000 board feet per load. This kiln holds lumber up to 18' 5" long. and 72" wide. This kiln is typically used for 1" to 2" thick.

Our vacuum kiln can hold up to 2,000 board feet per load and rapidly dries thicker slabs with excellent results. This kiln allows use to dry most species so quickly it literally makes previously impossible projects possible. From the mill straight into the kiln, we can dry 3" thick slabs to under 8% moisture in 3 weeks. Maximum dimensions for this kiln are 13' long and 48" wide. Call or email us for more information and pricing.



We have two milling options. Most of our milling is done on our Woodmizer bandsaw mill, which can mill logs up to 17' 8" long and 36" in diameter.

We also have a chainsaw mill which can mill effectively any length log, up to 54" diameter. It is best suited to milling extremely wide logs, and logs that can't be removed in one piece because they are in a backyard.

We can mill to your specifications, or help you decide how best to mill your specific log(s). After they are milled we can even dry your lumber in one of our two kilns. Call or email us for more information and pricing.



We  produce a limited amount of finished goods and we can connect you to local businesses who specialize in the type of project or product you have in mind. We supply urban lumber to wood workers, furniture makers, fabricators, and designers all over Houston. From jewelry to conference tables, we already work with the companies who specializes in the work you need done.


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